Sunday, April 1, 2012

Giving Tree

I'm stealing unsecured internet! (This problem will hopefully be solved by Tuesday. Fingers crossed!) I probably shouldn't be logging in to things to protect my passwords, but I just can't help myself, Z's room is almost finished and I have to share one of my favorite parts. Her Giving Tree!!!

I'll get more pictures up soon of her whole room, I'm waiting for some glue to dry on the trim around her bookcase right now, so it'll probably be early next week. But I finished the Giving Tree on Friday and I am so excited to share it with you. 

So the whole thing is that I LOVE Shel Silverstein. I love his zany poems, I love his whimsy, I love everything about his writings. And I want Z to have part of that. I especially love The Giving Tree. What a great story of friendship. So many people have come and gone in my life, and it's nice to read that story and remember the people who even when they leave, they are still there for me and still caring about me even when we don't talk every day. 

At first I was thinking vinyl wall cling, but those are EXPENSIVE. Especially when we are talking about the size that I'm thinking. So I thought, why not just paint it on? It can't be that hard. And it wasn't. 

Kudos to Curt for letting me borrow his projector, it really made the whole thing go very easily.

My set up.
 I had to get out the old MacBook. No literally, the OLD MacBook. The new one didn't have the right plug to work with the S-video adapter that we had. So glad I saved it after all this time.

As you can see, the tiny MacBook meant I had to do it in parts. Not horrible, but inconvient. 

Painting the outline
Filled in

I think painting that outline was the worst part. I'm just not patient enough to find it enjoyable. And I've got just enough perfectionist in me to be annoyed when it's a little bit off, but not enough to care enough to fix it. 

Anyways, here's the finished product. The lighting is kind of crappy, but I'll get a better picture up when I take pictures of her completed room. Which means you have to wait with bated breath to see the awesomeness!

It really turned out amazingly well. Ideally I'd like to get a picture with her in her crib reaching up for the apple like the little boy on the front of the book, but Z's not one for performing. At least not performing what you want her to do. That's not to say she's not a little performer. Yesterday before nap time she walked out of her room and up to the TV to dance to the Muppet Show theme song. As soon as it was over, she turned around to me and gave me the sign for bed. "That's it mom, I just needed to dance before nap time. I can go to sleep now." It's amazing how she talks without speaking :) 

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