Monday, April 2, 2012

Simple Turned Special

I always see these little signs in stores. You know the ones, the ones that you'd expect to find in little coffee shops. And you always look at them thinking "I can't put that in my house, I've never been there."

Well, now I can actually say "I have been there." And it was the most wonderful place in the world.

My hubby and I fell in love with Paris on our honeymoon. I would have to say that we both enjoyed it most of the 6 European destinations we plowed through in 2 weeks (yeah- do the math - we plowed through). Its the one where we had the best meal, duck at Le Petite Canard, and had our first Creme Brulee. We experienced art through architecture and history. Ahh, to be back in Paris....

I finally felt I had the right to purchase this decorative piece.

But see, I have a thing.... I like to make things my own. Since no 2 people are alike, we should all make our things unique. It was my wonderful hubby that had the idea of turning this into a photo holder.

We hot glued little clothespins (found at your local craft store) that we painted black (to match the letters of course) to the back of a few letters, to allow for photo options later. With a photo of us from our wedding, we now had a piece that brought together our wedding and our honeymoon.

Now, we will always have Paris.

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  1. That is so cute! What a great way to bring together special times :) I keep finding stuff that we got on our honeymoon as we unpack in the new place. I'm finally going to hang the Slater crest we got... now to figure out what frame to put it in...