Friday, April 13, 2012

What to do WIth a Pile of Jeans and Pillow Forms

Since you didn't get a chance to post this week, I'm going to do some sharing with my post. Because I couldn't have finished this project without you. (Ok, maybe I could have. But I'm lazy and didn't want to go to the store. And you're awesome and sent me what I needed.)

The other day I was trying to simplify our life by getting rid of stuff we don't use and I stumbled upon...

Pillow forms and jeans! I had a ton of pillow forms and jeans that were just sitting in under the bed boxes. What a waste, both of space and function. Since I knew Z's room was going to be awesome and I know how much she loves flopping on the husband pillow we have, I thought I'd create the perfect reading nook with jean pillows for her.

Lucky for Z, I love weird jeans. And since I love them so much I can't help keep them even after they don't fit any more. I have had some of these since high school! (Flare much?) One pair had lace up sides. I kept the sides because I knew they'd be awesome for something, and poof! Lace up jean pillow! Thank you so much for the ribbon, it is perfect! We really are doing some long distance crafting!

Really the ribbon was perfect, and perfect timing too. I tried some other ribbon I had and it didn't work. So that pillow was just sitting around waiting to get done while I lazily ignored it and watched Castle. :)

The pillows finish up her nook perfectly. I'll do another post on the rest of her nook soon, I just wanted to get this one done. She loves sticking chalk and magnets in the pocket. She grabs books (well I grab them for her, they're kind of high up as she kept pulling them off the shelves at the old place.) and then sits down and leans back on her pillows to read!

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