Friday, March 16, 2012

So much to do, So little time

Ok, so I know that I have promised striped bins, but they are taking FOREVER. I don't think I'm going to like stripes after this whole ordeal. Or maybe I'll come to appreciate them more.

In any case, we closed on our new place! So all the ideas that are buzzing around in my head now get to start becoming a reality. Striped bins are just the beginning, sis. Just you wait.

Since I'm going to be pretty busy with getting the condo ready and moving, I thought I'd share some inspiration that I'm having for Z's room. I don't have much, as most if it is coming from the space itself (yay inspiring space!) But I'll share what I do have.

1. I love the purples. Like I've said before, I think the purples are great for a little girl. It gives her room to grow. 
2a&b. There's a great built in bookcase in her room and I can't wait to make it a dream library for her. She's just starting to get into books and I want her to be able to organize the bookcase with her toys and a bunch of books for her to enjoy. (And I love bin organization)
3a&b. I absolutely love, love, love Shel Silverstein. I want to have Z experience the fun and whimsy that he brings to poems every day. Also I love the look of vinyl wall art. I really want to comine the two, but I'm on a budget here. I've got some ideas... 
4. I don't want to stifle her creativity. With the magnets on our filing cabinet I can let her draw on alternative surfaces. I want to bring this into her bedroom too. 
5. Every little girl should have her own place to be able to get away too. I want to be able to give her that. 

The pictures are kind of all over the place, I wasn't quite looking for inspirational looks as inspirational things that I want to put my spin on. Sometimes it's easy to see a picture of a great design or look and say "I want that exact look in my kitchen!" and then when you try to make it happen you fall miserably short. I hate that. I'd rather find images like this that don't look anything like what I actually want and take the idea and put my spin on it. Then I'm usually pretty pleased with the result. 

So hopefully, when I finally get done with this crazy experiment I won't look back and say "WTF WAS I THINKING?!" I'm pretty scared of that, and I think that's part of what stops me from undertaking projects like this one. I'm glad to have you and this outlet so that I have a reason to keep going with it through the scary part. 

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