Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ok, so I can't just sit here and work on stuff and not share it with you. So here's the beginning of Z's new room.

Bins! I love bins for organizing. Mostly 'cause it's so easy to keep everything in one place. We have bins in every closet. The one's in Z's closet are the most fun. I was so happy when I found the blue and green striped bins at Bed Bath and Beyond. They matched the blue and green striped clock I found in Cali, so it was perfect for her current room. In the new place I want to make something that she can grow into. I really feel like pink in a little girl's room is SO over done, so I decided to find a purple that would grow with her. I picked out Showcase from Ace, but I think it may be too much for her walls. It's perfect for these bins though. 
Thank you so much for telling me I could paint fabric! I was so scared even after asking you. I didn't know how it would turn out, but it was so easy. And what a difference it makes! The best part: chalkboard paint on the tags. Basically, I am lazy and I never change the tags in the bins. This means that we have a bin that says "18 months" which is currently holding blankets. The chalkboard paint is perfect! Now I can update the tags as I change the contents of the bins. Win-win!

All you need is paint and a paint brush! I got 2 quarts - one of the light purple and one of the dark purple. I haven't even used the 1/2 cup of chalkboard paint I made from the dark purple yet. (For directions for the chalkboard paint check out Martha Stewarts recipe, don't get me started on chalkboard paint recipes...). And I still have half a quart left of the light purple. I did paint the bins with a white base coat. I think this helped keep the purple from soaking in to the fabric. Also, I thought I was just going to paint them white at the beginning, so it was a good starting point. I don't know if I would do the white base coat if I did them again.  
Ok, so happy bins means happy Carin. Most of them are done, now I just have to finish the striped ones and then put them all together. I wanted to do a big before/after reveal for her room, but this is even better. Now you can see how everything evolves as I go. 

Now if only I didn't have to go to work so I could craft my way to closing... 


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