Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quilter's Dream


Check this out.


That's right - I just blew your mind. No comics, no superheros, no trekkies. Just fabric, beautiful fabric, and more glorious fabric!!! A whole convention devoted to the modern quilting. I love quilting and the modern patterns that designers are coming out with now are striking. They play with color, pattern, and even dimension, in the case of some artists. (Side note - check out the Tokyo Quilt Show if you ever have 3 hours to waste staring at your computer - talking about feeling like your wasting your life away, these quilts are magnificent).

Anywho.... QuiltCon would be a dream come true to walk around and dream about the beautiful blankets you can wrap yourself in. I love the simple patterns that accentuate the patterns of the fabric themselves - which is what I always end up doing myself. This weekend when I was organizing I just kept moving fabric from one pile to another coming up with different combos of patterns that compliment each other.

Ahhh beautiful example


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  1. Wait. No comics, superheros, or trekkies.... booo! Oh wait, that's awesome! Those are some pretty fun quilts too. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a convention for quilters. On the other hand I'm not surprised, as there are conventions for everything! I love seeing these modern quilts. I love the traditional quilts 'cause they remind me of Mom, but it's cool to see what people have done with the medium.

    I still contend that it would be more awesome with superheros or comics. :)