Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back on the Band Wagon

Its really easy to fall off the horse. They are large animals that tend to buck every now and then. And after you have been ever so gracefully removed, the horse looks a lot larger this time around.

But then again - that is what Spring is all about - NEW BEGINNINGS. A chance to start again with a fresh slate.

So I haven't been doing too great with all of my resolutions/goals. I have been able to still maintain a strength in my health. I have been going to the gym and have even started to loose a few lbs! But that bowl of mac and cheese calls me ever so often, and that bowl is always a bottom-less pit of yummy gooey cheese.... *wipes drool from mouth*

SPRING - its has sprung. Or so mother nature tells me. My tulips are blooming, the herbs are growing, the jackets have come off. Spring has sprung into the east coast with peaks of 80 degree weather. (less than thrilled) So I am taking this beautiful spring day to jump back on the band wagon and get back into the groove (who doesn't like to dance - if they tell you they don't, they're lying to you!)

Enjoy the sunshine!

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